Online Poker vs land based poker

Online Poker vs land based pokerThe community of online gamblers has seen such an increase in members in the recent times. This is not surprising considering the pure addictive quality of both gambling and internet surfing. Many people believe that online casinos are more favourable than land based options unless you live in Las Vegas.…┬áIf you’re a true gambler however then you’re always looking for a little extra kick to keep the adrenaline flowing. Even if you choose to play poker online, after awhile you will start to itch for the real game again. It’s inevitable as there are plenty of distractions, tricks, and psychological warfare involved that is used to get you to lose money.

So which is better? Some of the pros of online over land based poker include:

1. You can play anytime

Whether you are trying to organise a real life poker game, or you head up to a casino to play poker, traditional poker games requires substantial preparation just to play. Friends might have problems making it on the same night, much less being available at the same time. Casino venues are situated in locations that are often geographically disparate. In contrast, online poker is readily available any time, any day. And there is no shortage of players. You can also play for stakes as low as $0.20, making online poker equally accessible to all kinds of clientele.

2. You can stop any time

Organising a poker game in your house takes away the option that is blessedly available in online poker: where you can stop at any time. As host to a game, it’s your responsibility to accommodate a game until it ends.Similarly, it isn’t really sensible if you leave a casino after losing a couple of rounds, after you spent effort and time getting to a casino in the first place. So you’d have to play on and thus, lose more than what you originally intended.
By contrast, if you play online poker you can jump out of the game just as easily as you can jump into a game.

3. Low start rates

Maintaining a poker venue is costly. From the equipment necessary for the game to the professional help needed for it to function for example the croupier and the dealer, live poker games have naturally high overhead costs. Casinos levy this cost though a rake, and this is what makes traditional poker buy-ins high.Online poker, by contrast, has much smaller overhead costs, making buy-ins dramatically cheaper.

Online Poker vs land based poker las vegas

Given all this pros online poker also has some cons which include:

Social isolation

Land based casinos are often very good places to hang out with your friends and play some friendly games.They also contain a wide range of other facilities including clubs which are fun for you and you friends thus help maintain good social bonds.In contrast, online poker can be socially isolating as one is confined to their homes thus you won’t see your friends as often.


In Casino poker chances of being cheated on are minimised as all of you will be watching each other thus ensuring a fair game.In online poker however,opponents may easily submit and share details about their hands on a communication channel to which you are not part which lead to heavy loses.

Playing online or in land based casinos does not therefore depend on which is better but it is more about what kind of experience you are looking for. If you are out for the thrill of the game and making money off your gambling predisposition, then it does not matter if you are in a casino or on the internet.