It is a very interesting fact that there are number of terms, phrases and words in relation with Poker which we freely use in our day to day discourse.  With the rising popularity of Poker throughout the world, more and more people are getting attracted to this game which is also considered as the “King of Card Games”.  Due to the growing appeal of this game most of us are, most probably, aware of a basic Poker glossary.

Importance of learning Basic Poker Glossary

You may be aware of some of the terms and expressions in use but still a large collection of words is out of the grasps of new players.  This collection got accumulated over the years and can be incomprehensible to most of the beginners.  In order to be successful in poker, one must be aware of the basic rules and terms of this game.

If you have got the ability to clearly understand the description of a hand by a veteran poker player then you may not need to go through this article.  On the other hand if such description seems like altogether a different language then it is time to polish your knowledge of Poker terms.  Some of the most important terms used in majority of Poker variants include the following.

Basic Poker Glossary

All In:  Putting all your chips into the pot is called “All in”.  After opting for this option a player cannot participate in other bets.

Ante:  A small forced but required betting before the deal.

Blinds:  The mandatory bets to be made by the players sitting left to the dealer.

Bluff:  Making a bet without the best hand with an expectation of forcing your opponent to fold.

Card Speak:  Evaluating best hand with each player turning their cards face up. The value of cards indicates the winning hand.

Check:  To bet nothing.

Check Raise: To opt for Check on your turn to bet and after other player puts in his bet, to raise that player’s bet.

Donkey:  A poor player hell bent on throwing his or her money away.

Drawing Dead:  A situation during the draw that whatever card you get, you will still lose.

Flop:  Dealing of three community cards after the first round of betting.

Hole:  Face down cards.

Muck:  To fold down your cards is known as mucking.  Folded down cards are known as muck.

Monster:  A very strong hand assured to be a winner.

Pocket Rockets:  A pair of Aces dealt in a hand.

Pot Odds:  The ratio of amount of money in the pot to the amount of money required to call the bet.

Quads:  Term used for four one of a kind cards in a hand.

Rags:  Worthless cards.

River:  The fifth and final card dealt in Hold’em.

Sandbag:  Process of slow playing to hide the strength of your hand during the initial phase.

Set:  A situation in which three of a kind cards have two of the cards concealed in the hole cards.

Tilt:  Playing loosely and aggressively in desperation to win a pot.

Turn:  The fourth community card dealt between Flop and the River.