For those players who have just been initiated into the world of poker, learning about the rules and regulations guiding its different variants such as Razz Poker can be bit vexing.  The good thing about poker is that majority of the variants have somewhat same rules with just a few exceptions incorporated here and there.  It means that if you have learnt the basics of classic poker then chances are that most of its other variants will not pose much trouble. Same applies to the game of Razz Poker.

If you are looking out for most profitable variant then Razz Poker can be the best choice.  With some basic knowledge about its rules and some game experience it is quite an easy game to make some money.  The idea behind this recommendation is the fact that there are plenty of online players who do not know much about this game.  Once you have a clear understanding of this game, these soft targets will be there lining your pocket with their money.  In order to do so it is recommended that you should go through the rules discussed in this article, learn from Razz strategy articles and gain required experience by participating in practice games provided by the online casino/poker sites.

Razz Poker

Razz Poker can be introduced as a “Low” variant of Seven Card Stud Poker.  The idea behind this game is to make the lowest possible combination by using five cards from the hand of seven cards dealt to the player.  It can also be defined as a form of lowball poker with ace to five as the lowest denomination cards.  This game is ideal for a group of players consisting of two to eight players.  Razz Poker game play involves a 52 card deck.  While playing this game always keep in mind that

  • Aces are the lowest value cards.
  • “8 or better rule” does not apply in this game.
  • Straights and Flushes are not payable hands.
  • In case of all the players folding down their hands, the remaining single player automatically wins the pot.

Rules for Razz Poker

As mentioned earlier Razz poker is just like Seven Card Stud.  The only exception is that the lowest hand is declared as the winner in this game.   This game is a fixed limit game and is played with four face-up and three face down cards.  No blinds are used; instead Antes and Bring-ins are utilized to start the action on the table.  In majority of the games Antes have the value of 20 percent of the lowest betting limit.  The rules for Razz poker include the following

  • The five card hand with lowest value wins the pot.
  • Aces are of the least and Kings have the highest value cards.
  • “Wheel” or “Bike” hand having the combination of 5, 4, 3, 2 and A is the best hand.
  • Straights and Flushes do not have any impact on the hand.
  • Every hand qualifies in this game as there is no “8 or better“ regulation.
  • Pairs do not help as only one card of any pair can be used in a hand.
  • Hands are counted from top to down in the lowest five cards. For example, a hand of 8,7,5,4 and A beats the hand consisting of 9, 7, 5, 4 and A. If the highest cards of the two hands are same,then comparison is moved to the second highest cards of both the hands.