2-7 Triple Draw is also known as Deuce to 7 Triple Draw and Kansas City Lowball.  This variant of poker is totally opposite to that of the classic version.  As the name suggests it is a draw game and the game play involves creating the lowest poker hand to win the pot.  The players of 2-7 Triple draw are dealt with five cards and are allowed to discard up to five and get a replacement for them during a draw.

This means that in order to create the lowest hand possible a player can substitute zero to five unwanted cards with replacement cards. As the end part of the name indicates, players are provided with an opportunity of three draws during a game.  If the dealt cards are as per the expectations of a player, he or she can choose not to dispose off their cards for replacement.  This situation is called in poker parlance as to “Stand Pat”.

How to play 2-7 Triple Draw

Before a player starts to participate in this game, it is important to note that the hand ranking of this variant of lowball poker are quite different from other games of the same category.  The major differences are

  • Aces are always the highest ranking cards.
  • Straights and Flushes are counted against the low hand.
  • The best hand is of 7,5,4,3 and 2 with no Flush.
  • The least powerful hand is of J, 7, 4,3 and 2.
  • Trips are lower than the pairs.
  • Straights are lower to pairs and trips.
  • Flushes are lower than straights.
  • Full houses are lower than flushes.
  • The worst hand possible is a royal flush.

Blinds in 2-7 Triple Draw

As in the other draw variants of poker, this game also involves forced bets called “Blinds”.  Just like Hold’em, the player sitting on the left side of the dealer posts a small blind.  The player sitting next to this player then posts the big blind.   The small blind is usually the half of the amount of the big blind.  Sometimes, 2-7 Triple Draw involves a small forced bets along with blinds by all participants.  This forced bet is known as “Ante”.

Game Play of 2-7 Triple Draw

Each player is dealt with five face-down cards.  A round of betting takes place with players provided with the option of call, raise or fold.  The remaining players are then provided with an opportunity of a draw.  In a draw, they can discard unwanted cards or “Stand Pat”. The number of cards which can be discarded can range from zero to five in number.  After all the players have had their turns to discard or stand pat, the dealer then deals and replaces the cards discarded by the players.

After the completion of the first draw, the second round of betting takes place.  This is again followed by a second draw in the same way as mentioned above.  This happens up to the third and final draw and betting round.

Showdown in 2-7 Triple Draw

The player with the lowest set of cards wins the game.  It should be noted that if there are two or more players with hands of same value, the pot gets divided among them.  No rank of suit is taken into consideration while declaring the winner.

If you are not familiar with this game, it is recommended that you should first try this game on any of the online casino site.  Most of the online casinos provide practice mode for this game.  Once you are familiar with the working and rules of the game only then you should consider playing for the real money.