Chinese Poker as the name suggests is not one of the variants of poker but a totally different card game.  This card game is quite simple to play and many of the professional poker players have tried their hands on this game from time to time.  The major difference between Chinese Poker and the variants of poker is that this game does not have any type of betting rounds or chips to play with.  Even without the presence of these basics it is still called poker because poker hands are used in the end to decide the outcome of the game.

Game play of Chinese Poker

Chinese Poker is played with a standard deck of 52 cards.  This game can be played by a couple of players, three players or four players.  Each player is dealt with a 13 card hand.  The game play involves division of this hand further into three poker hands commonly known as “setting”.  Each player divides his or her hand into three subgroups with two hands of five cards and one of three cards.  The two hands with five cards each are called “the middle” and “the back” while the one with three cards is called “the front”.  Each of these sub-hands must have a particular order of cards in the following way.

The Back: This setting with five cards should only contain highest ranking cards.

The Middle:  This setting with five cards should be of lower ranking as compared to the back.

The Front:  This setting should only contain the lowest ranking cards.

Showdown in Chinese Poker

Once the cards are sorted then each player declares whether he or she will be playing his or her hand. The remaining players place their cards face down in a particular order.   Now each player declares the “royalties” and then after all the hands are revealed. The player with the best hand combinations is declared the winner.

How to Start Playing Chinese Poker

In order to start playing Chinese Poker, one should follow these steps.

Learn the Rules of Chinese Poker

Playing online version of the Chinese Poker is just same as that of regular Chinese Poker.  In order to avoid any surprises it is always better that one should go through all the rules of this game.

Select an Online Casino or Poker Site

Finding a suitable online casino to play Chinese poker is quite easy as there are thousands of online casinos out there. While opting for any of these casinos one must be careful to select a reputed casino having proper registration with gambling authorities.  Before logging in, it is always better to check the following

  • Gaming software, whether it is of a reputed company or not.
  • Modes of payment and deposit.
  • Bonuses or other promotions provided by the casino.
  • Availability of Chinese Poker in the provided games.

Registration and Log In

Once you are satisfied with the credentials of the casino and ready to make a commitment, you can get registered.   In order to join an online casino you are required to share your name, email address and date of birth.  Once this information is provided to the casino, you will get a confirmation email with username and password for log in.  Now you can use this login to enter the online casino and play your favorite game of Chinese Poker.