When Chinese invented playing cards in the ninth century, they did not imagine that their invention will be one of the biggest moneymakers of the 21st century.  If we only consider the poker games played by people on online poker sites and online casinos, leaving the black market alone, even then this industry is doing business of more than two billion dollars per annum.

With this rising craze for online poker and its variants, the first thing which comes to the mind of a player with moderate experience in this field is to learn about how to play poker and win without putting extra burden on the bankroll.  Playing small stakes online poker can be a fantastic fun but it can also be frustrating if you are always on the losing side.

There are many sites available today which provide excellent coaching on the subject of live online poker and it is always better to go through the information provided there to give more edge to your game. If you are a new entrant in the field of online poker then there are some tips which can help to make your game more successful and worthwhile.

Being Realistic About the Game

Even if you are winning most of the games you have played in the last few days it does not mean that you are now ready to leave your safe zone and compete against the “Sharks” and big rollers.  This fluke in the form of consecutive wins can be due to a beginner’s luck or playing against incompetent opponents.

There are some players who on ascertaining being a winner for a small period of time suddenly comes up with an idea of being a professional poker player.  This is the point where most of the people fail.

Before making any leap of faith in the poker world, be realistic and try to figure out how much time and money you will require to match up your current salary.

Sensibility with the Stake Size

Players with moderate experience must remain sensible and careful while selecting the size of the stakes they want to go for during the live online poker game.  You must have clear figure in your mind about the amount of money you want to gamble with.  If your current limit is of hundred dollars then it is of no use putting the whole amount in a single game because chances of losing are always there.

If you are comfortable with loosing hundred dollars in a single session even then it is imperative that you should opt for small stake games.  This strategy will allow you to cut your losses and if things go pretty then you can always move your way up.

Being Consistent with Bet Size

Being consistent with size of bets is one of the most important aspects of successful gaming.  Even when you are holding a strong hand/potential bluffs while you are sure that your opponent is on the verge of middle range, temptation of making enormous bets must be resisted.

Don’t Lose Your Head

If you are in a position where all of the hands dealt throughout the session comprise of weak or medium combinations, try not getting frustrated.  In such situation it is always better to channel your frustration to further improve your game.  Though it can be quite frustrating to lose but you must start learning from your mistakes.  Always remember poker is all about making the most with your good turns and limiting the bad ones.